Costellations of the Southern Hemisphere

Trips start upon pick up from your accommodation at  08:00PM and take a short trip in search of the best spot to admire the clear night skies. Take a closer look at the Southern Cross, the Orion or Scorpio depending on the season, and the Megellenic Clouds. 

Explore the southern night sky under the guidance of an enthusiastic team of guides. Focus mainly on the major constellations and the interpretation of them from both African and greek mythology. Learn about the scientific explanations of interesting past and future events in the sky.

The breathtaking southern sky will travel with you on every day of your journey but those unbelievable dimensions will get new perspectives when you explore them with us.
We will be happy to arrange this enchanting experience for a night (or longer...)for you.

Let it become another unforgettable highlight of your journey.

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